Commission Rates

Please contact for all commission inquiries. Commission work will not be communicated through social media DM. I take commercial & personal work throughout the year, depending on my schedule. 

Inquiry Process:

If you would like to commission me after having a look at my rates and terms of service, please send an inquiry email with the following information:

  • A short description of the desired scene,
  • Number of character(s),
  • Physical description and personality traits of the character(s),
  • What kind of cut (Bust, Waist, Full Body) and Coloring (Line only, Flat, Full Color)
  • Whether you will require a background, 
  • Whether you will require the full copyright of the image and/or exclusive usage rights of the image,
  • and desired deadline date.

Thank you for your interest in my style and work!


Character Pricing:

Prices listed below are base prices and may fluctuate based on complexity of the character. Prices are per character.

  • Line Art:
    • Portrait : $80 USD
    • Waist-up : $100 USD
    • Full body : $150 USD
  • Examples of Line Art:


  • Flat Color (No Shading):

    • Portrait : $130 USD
    • Waist-up : $150 USD
    • Full body : $200 USD
  • Examples of Flat Color:
  • Full Color (shaded): 

    • Portrait : $150 USD
    • Waist-up : $200 USD
    • Full body : $300 USD
  • Examples of Full Color: 




    Background Pricing:

    • Each commission comes with a simple background (1 or 2 colors). Backgrounds with high complex elements (such as architecture) will have a higher price. Complex backgrounds range from $50 USD to $200 USD, but may be higher based on complexity.



    • Payment is mostly completed through invoice via PayPal. Other payment options are possible (such as bank transfer to avoid fees, Wise, etc.). but will need to be discussed prior. An invoice will be provided with all payment options. I require 50% of the balance prior to beginning the illustration. Fulfillment of the remaining balance is required before the final high resolution files are sent.
      • Please note there is a 3% PayPal transaction fee for invoicing and contract preparation.
    • For larger commissions, an art contract will be attached to the invoice. Paying the deposit and signing the agreement means the Client agrees to the terms listed on the contract.
    • Please note that for commercial work, a flat license fee will be attached (this will be discussed beforehand).



    • Each illustration comes with (5) free revisions. Typically (2) sketch revisions, (1) line art revision, and (2) small color revisions. Any additional revisions will incur 10% of the total price that will be paid before receiving the final files.


    Commercial Usage:

    • A flat commercial fee will be added to the total price if the artwork is to be used for commercial purposes. Fees vary on usage and number of units.
    • A rough estimate would be:
      •  50% of total illustration price for exclusive usage for a particular product
      • ~100% - 150% (this amount fluctuates based on the circumstance of the contract) of total illustration price for exclusive commercial use
      • ~150% - 200% (this amount fluctuates based on the circumstance of the contract) of total illustration price for full copyright 


    Additional Information:

    • Commission packages include:
      • A CMYK file prepared for print. (PDF)
      • An RGB file prepared for online viewing. (JPEG, PNG)
    • Commissions are for non-commercial use unless discussed beforehand. Final terms will be outlined in an official contract and invoice.
    • Deadline will be discussed by the Commissioner and the Artist.
    • I reserve the right to include the work in my professional work portfolio. If for some reason you are not okay with this, please let me know.
    • In case of failure to complete payment for the commission, all rights to the image will fall to me. That means I can use, showcase, sell and distribute it, regardless of its content.